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Album Cover of Arkaea "Years In The Darkness" released 2009.

I’ve really dug what these guys put out on “Years in the Darkness” and wish I had more from them, but I understand the plight of musicians and can’t hate on ’em.  I probably listen to that album about 4 – 5 times a week especially to get motivated.  The vocals are great in my opinion and what I strive for on a lot of Bolgen material. I think if Arkaea had continued to put out music it would have gotten so fuckin’ groovy.

Here’s some information about the band taken directly from their Wikipedia Page

The band was formed by Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera (formerly of Fear Factory) who had recorded a demo for a new band. They sent the demo to Threat Signal vocalist Jon Howard and Arkaea was spawned. They tried to obtain Sam Rivers for bassist, who was all for it but then decided to back down due to location. Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne then offered his services for the album but it was felt it would be too difficult for another bassist to replicate his unique basslines live as he could not tour due to Mudvayne commitments. After some time spent searching for the perfect bassist, another Threat Signal member, Pat Kavanagh, was finally chosen. Their debut entitled Years in the Darkness was set to be released on March 3, then March 10[1] but was not released until July 14, 2009,[2] selling roughly 980 units in its first week.[3] Half of the songs that appear on the album were originally intended to be for a possible new Fear Factory album. In addition to a 5-minute-long sampler.



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