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Space Slug album cover for Time Travel Dilemna

Space Slug – Time Travel Dilemma

Another gem I found on “Stoned Meadow of Doom” radio. Space Slug is a great alternative/doom metal band hailing out of Wrocław, Poland. The band defines their style as kozmic doom, based on galactic travelers. The entire album “Time Travel Dilemma” certainly created the atmosphere of a galactic understanding. In my opinion the vocals are the best part of the band. The sometimes monotone din is a perfect layer to pull the rest of the arrangement into a dreamy cannonade of doom metal. I’ve included a few songs from their recent release on the music player.

My taste for doom metal has grown after spending some time listening to both Space Slug and Arcade Messiah. Besides the love of the music, I think it’s also shaping another style for my own writing. The parallels between symphonic arrangement and sparse, but eerie vocals make for an apocalyptic feel. That is the same feeling I often encounter in a lot of my own writing and recording. I hope it’s onward and upward for these group and implore you to give “Time travel Dilemma” a listen.

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