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also known as the Metal Encyclopedia it’s the largest archive of metal bands across the world. From the biggest to the smallest names you’ve ever fucking heard of you will find every metal band that has ever published an official release in these archives which boast over 115,000 registered bands and over 315,000 registered users.

My first look at the archives came when a request was sent to me when I was active in the band (Occasus). A contributing member had picked up the release of “Beyond the Dregs” by Occasus which had just been released on Itunes. Occasus was immediately added to the archives with astonishing detail and accuracy. I couldn’t believe it at the time how thorough this archive had been over the years. With endless amounts of content and reviews of metal albums you will never hear in your life! I implore you, if you have any interest in metal music please visit the archives on here or at their homepage.


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