Opie and Anthony


Early Days of O and A

Opie and Anthony (O and A) officially began their radio careers together in 1995 at WAAF in Boston. Their success was put on hold in 1998 after a dispute between the duo and management over a questionable session of radio broadcast. As a consequence, Opie and Anthony were prevented from broadcasting until 2001 when WNEW picked up the show. The show was a hit until another controversial episode again derailed the radio careers of both hosts. It was in 2004 that Opie and Anthony were signed to XM radio which finally afforded some of the discretionary freedoms necessary for such a show. The Opie and Anthony show became a huge success over their career and rivaled, if not destroyed, many of the mainstream & prevalent, and not so prevalent acts on radio.

The Meaning of Opie and Anthony

There was never a central theme to O and A. Most times the show centered around discussion, comedy, and human abuse & humiliation. For millions of Americans the show meant a better commute, a better day, hell maybe even a better life. Although the hosts never acknowledged their own magnitude, it can be said that Opie and Anthony left an impression of certain values in their listeners. A movement toward complete freedom of discussion and expression was always present in the O and A show. The liberation of expression was a common core of discussion between the hosts and their guests.

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